Monday, December 29, 2008

It's LIVE!

Great news, everyone!

My art gallery on Scott Moore's website is LIVE!

Simply click on this link to go straight to my collection of art available through Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction.

Here's the man behind the scenes on his computer making all the edits for a high quality product, and with his lovely wife, Tomoko (also involved in production), on the right.

I've gotten into the habit of calling Scott "my repro guy" for short, but let me tell you, it's worth saying the full name, Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction, because Scott is all about quality.

It will be a year this coming February when I first went to his studio, clutching "Cloud Dance" in hand to be my first painting reproduced, and not wanting to leave it behind. (Since then, 19 more followed suit, with more itching to join the ranks!)

That was when I had the rare treat to watch the whole process of taking the digital scan of the painting, and even looking over Scott's shoulder to see how he does the edits to tweak the color on the computer. A proof is sent to the printer, and Voila! You see what you get!

When you order directly from the shopping cart on Scott's website, you will still get your artwork personally signed by me before shipping since we're local.

Happy shopping!

And PS to any other aspiring artists, I highly recommend you go to Scott to get your art scanned. Even if you don't plan to sell it, it's a good way to archive and protect it. You can find all his contact info on his website.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Peaceful Pastels" prevail....

Here is a good one to sit and savor... "Peaceful Pastels."

When I paint something this simple, I tend to have the thought, Oh anyone could do this - it's too easy.

Then I try to create something similar and I get an entirely different painting! I do think this speaks to the emotional content of a piece of art work - each one is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

That makes it ever the more awesome to see the effect of giclee reproduction - it comes so close to "repeating" - in a manner - the original work, it's uncanny.

Now for any of you budding artists who also want to forge ahead into the world of reproduction, Scott Moore of Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction is your man. Time and again, I get high quality, consistent work from him. He is truly about "Fine Art." Visit his website for details. .

And check in to see the imminent unveiling of his artist galleries, of whom I am one! You will be able to order reproductions of my work, and others, directly from him. I'm close enough to his studio workshop I can drop by to sign them before shipping. Be sure to state that you want a signed copy when you make your order. Or you can email me to make your order .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Smokey Mountain" compared to "Peaceful Mountain"

"Smokey Mountain" has an interesting story to it, and so here it is.

A few months ago I took my paints along on a trip to my mother's. (I usually only paint at home.) My thought was to paint with my ten year old niece, which we did, and very much enjoyed. (Actually, she painted her own complete painting!)

My mom made a comment that she had never seen me in the process of creating a painting. It turned out I had brought an extra canvas, so we were in business!

While I was showing her the colors I'd brought, she commented how she really liked gray (a very good thing when you live in the Pacific Northwest!). I also recalled that one of my brothers had liked some aspects of "Peaceful Mountain," but found the colors on the feminine side for his liking. So gray was the order of the day!

Without having "Peaceful Mountain" in front of me, and not particularly intending to copy it, I am amazed at how closely the lines of the mountains match. No doubt an indelible impression of the mountains I see every time I drive to my office has made its mark on me, and this is coming up in my art!

Order your copy by emailing me at .

(Soon you will be able to order directly from my repro guy, Scott.)

PS Do you prefer to spell it "gray"or "grey" ???

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Champagne Dreams" and "Moonlit Dreams" await....

"Champagne Dreams" and "Moonlit Dreams" are two of the largest I have painted, being 24" by 36" - you have to see them in person to really appreciate them!

You may order them in the original size on gallery wrapped canvas. This format looks so much like the original, you need an expert eye (or an artist's eye!) to see the difference. Or for the budget minded, they are also available on fine art paper in a smaller size.

Happy art hunting!