Sunday, May 23, 2010

Order Fine Art Giclee's in bulk for your early sign-up's

Notice here, the first of "Rainbow Splash Evolving" - you'll see the next one in a few days.

We're humming along now in getting plans under way for a high tech WordPress blog for . I see creating galleries of my paintings to be put up so it will be easier for you to see what is available. And we'll have a sign up box for a "Free Taste" and Updates when new art becomes available.

There will be options for you to propose your own ideas for pictures to be commissioned, or at least to put a bug in my ear about the color combo's you'd love, and examples of the style of painting you'd like. I won't guarantee to be able to read your mind, but I'm sure something interesting will come of it. If it's not exactly to your liking, you are under no obligation to buy it. It will all be part of the Great Adventure - or shall I say the Great Experiment!?

And for coaches and speakers, I will be creating a sales page where you can see how to order these Fine Art Giclee reproductions in bulk (to save you money) to use as bonuses for your early deciders in programs you are offering. You'd be surprised how many people are drooling over Sheryl Brown Art, and can't wait to have one of their own to hang on their office wall to inspire their writing or other creativity.

There's also a healing effect for many people. These are not just some cool works of art - they are each unique expressions of emotion, color and movement. See which ones move you the most. And don't forget, I absolutely LOVE feedback.

Call me at 425 652-1413
or email

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Rainbow Splash"

Here's "Rainbow Splash," which I'd been promising for awhile now. (It was sitting and deciding whether it needed more paint on it or not! ;D)

You'll enjoy this selection from my preview collection, but it will look even better once I get Scott Moore of Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction to scan it professionally.

If this is one you'd like hanging on your wall as a Fine Art Giclee reproduction, just give me a call or email, and I can take your order. While I now have PayPal set up here on my blog, so far it only gives 10 options. So I chose the most popular 10 of the 20 already in my Giclee Library. Check out the drop down menu on the Add to Cart button! So cool!

More later!

PS Remember to call me at 425 652-1413 or email me at with your selection or request.

PPS And remember that any of my paintings are fair game to be added to the Giclee Library. I also paint with any color combination you suggest, so keep those ideas flowing! Follow Sheryl Brown Art on Facebook and add your feedback, or make a comment here on my art blog. Thanks bunches!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Order Button right here on Sheryl Brown Art blog!

Oh baby! I figured out how to configure some Paypal code to create a button to order art straight off my art blog here, hoorayyyy!! Slightly overdue, I'm sure....

Only thing is, I could only put 10 paintings for you to choose from in the drop down box, but no worries there. You can tell me over the phone or email the one you really want.

Actually, now that I think of it, there is supposed to be a comment box where you can write your two bits. You can still use the PayPal feature - just make a selection to match the format and price you want. And I'll be sure to confirm the art you want before I send it.

Anything you see on my website is fair game. Though I already have 20 selections already scanned and ready to go (and many of those in stock), it is fairly easy for me to take new ones down the road to my repro guy, Scott's place and get them professionally scanned. It would just add some days to the turn-around time.

So, order now, and let me know your experience. Hopefully, it will be smooth as silk! Be sure to leave some comments in the comment box, including your phone number so I can keep you apprised of the progress of your order.

While I do have a fair number of fine art giclee reproductions in stock at the moment, that will fluctuate from one week to the next, depending on the orders I receive. If I don't have it in stock, it probably won't take that long to order (unless Scott is on vacation!).

Come visit me on my Sheryl Brown Art page on Facebook! You don't have to be on Facebook to see it. (For some reason this link in the post is not working, but the one in the column to the right IS working =========> )

See you there!!

PS Oh, and I do take Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards over the phone if you don't want to use PayPal.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Sage Rabbit"

Here's an action shot for you - check out "Sage Rabbit" as she flies right off the canvas into the land of sage-ness, or shall I say.. sagacity?

(Try that one in - you'll like it! )
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunny in Seattle 2 Day Sale!

Sunny in Seattle 2 Day Sale!

If you have been waiting to purchase Sheryl Brown Art, this is your chance for an unheard of 'steal of a deal!' Fine art giclee reproductions of Sheryl Brown Art are 50% off for this very limited time only. Limited to stock on hand. I pay shipping for the first 5 buyers.

Pictured here are the 4 available as 8" by 10" gallery wrapped canvas. What this means is, the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame with the picture extending over the sides - no need to frame! This is what the originals look like. (You might be surprised to hear I hang mine on push pins!)

At the top is "Calm in the Storm." Many people find this one healing and meditative. Next is "The Georgia Eye" for you aqua lovers. "Chakra Shower" continues to be a real favorite for many. And "Power over the Land" shines its light even more vibrantly up close and personal.

My total inventory includes the 20 you'll find in the photo album on my Facebook Fan page at - I have one or more of most at the moment. Choose your favorite now and give me a call at 425 652-1413 or email me at . (Be sure to let me know your 2nd and 3rd choices.) Available on fine art paper or canvas.

Sale ends Monday night just as the clock strikes midnight - watch out for losing your glass shoe!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Looks Like Love" is in the pink!

"Looks Like Love" is a new acrylic painting I did a few days ago on 8" by 10" canvas.

Let me know what you see in this - what shapes or impressions occur to you?

Always love your feedback!

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Chakra Mountain"

Here's "Chakra Mountain" which I painted especially by request of my friend, Lisa.

It would be awesome to hear/read what you think of this one. Right now I'm hanging it right next to "Chakra Shower" and "Chakra Dance" in my stair hallway. I just love looking at them as a set!

(PS I'm staring to run out of wall space!! I wonder what it would be like to live in an art gallery, hmmmmm.....)

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