Monday, March 31, 2008

Total Energy Burst!

What better way to celebrate the completion of this cold month of March than to have a burst of energy!?

Here is my painting Chakra Shower, (Copyright 2008 by Sheryl Brown, All Rights Reserved) to give you a little of that renewing energy that we all love so well!

You may be interested to know that in the process of painting this, I began to think I had overworked it. So I made one of my rare attempts to copy my own work (Trust me, I seem incapable of it!).

Go to this link on my personal blog to compare the two paintings, if you're at all curious.

(And if you're not curious, you gotta write and tell me that too!)

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thanks for the votes -- Now here's "Love in Motion"

The comments and feedback are coming in by phone, email and comments on the blog for voting on "Serenity" or "Calm" -- and it looks like "Calm" is still in the lead!

Here's a new one for your viewing pleasure called, "Love in Motion," Copyright 2008 by Sheryl Brown, All Rights Reserved.

This would be a nice one for Valentine's Day, but hey--I featured my actual Valentine, Larry, last month on my sunraysheryl blog.

Click right here on this link to see my Valentine. !

This painting was inspired as a result of getting some of my own personal healing.

Your comments or questions, welcome!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And here is Door #2 -- "Calm"

Which one do you prefer--the painting in this post which is "Calm in the Eye of the Storm"--or the one in the last post ("Serenity")?

(You can find "Serenity" by clicking on this link )

I am taking an informal poll, and would love your feedback!

(PS All art is Copyrighted by Sheryl Brown 2008, All Rights Reserved. Thanks!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Which one will be next? -- "Serenity"

Soon I'll be having another one of my paintings reproduced and available for sale.

I'm curious to know which of these next two is the one you folks are more interested in.

Today's painting is called "Serenity Rising (from the Deep)," Copyright 2008 by Sheryl Brown, All Rights Reserved.

You will find the other one ("Calm") in tomorrow's post.

Let me know any feedback you may have by phone, email, or comment below.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Monday, March 3, 2008

First reproduction available for sale, "Cloud Dance!"

Sheryl Brown Art is here! A little mini virtual art gallery! We'll see how it grows.

This is where you'll find the art I have created, and where you'll be able to keep current on which paintings have become available for sale as reproductions.

In my first blog , a more potpourri style of what I'm all about in general, you will find a number of my paintings already posted.

But, it has become apparent that a blog dedicated to the one topic of my art will make it easier for folks who specifically want to look at my paintings, especially to find out if the one they love is available yet.

So here it is!

The best way to order right now is to give me a phone call 425 652-1413 (you will get a greeting that says you have reached Sunray Counseling) or an email , and we can discuss what the right size and format would be for your budget.

Happy art hunting!