Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Love Note for "Cloud Dance"

Here's a love note from someone who's in love with one of my paintings! Morgine (pronounced, "more jean") was one of my very first customers. I was so thrilled to be able to share my art work with someone I've never even met, but feel a kinship to!

"I LOVE my Cloud Dance Picture! Wow it was just like the original with that special paper or whatever you use! Looks like the actual painting! I have it sitting on my desk, actually, hiding the big modem I now have with the Satellite dish since we are finally off dial up! I do not enjoy the constant flash of lights so your beautiful painting is perfect to soothe my soul, inspire my own creativity and it just makes me SMILE looking at it! Thanks so much!!

Endless Love, Morgine "

Morgine, thank you so much for putting this into words! I'm happy that these benefits of soothing you and inspiring your own creativity will be ongoing for you. Ssswweet!

By the way, it looks like the actual painting because of a sophisticated process of layering the ink onto actual canvas. This process is known as "giclee," pronounced the French way.

I don't have a shopping cart set up yet on my site, but you can order by email ( or phone 425 652-1413. (Don't get nervous when you hear my counseling greeting!)

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Cloud Dance" featured on Vicky White's blog!

Exciting news--my good friend Vicky White has featured my painting, "Cloud Dance" on her blog! Not only is this a tremendous compliment to me, but it also increases my exposure as an artist. To see her blog post on my art, click here .

Vicky has been doing some serious list building the last several years, and has many loyal readers. To her credit, she is a very engaging writer, and speaks to some very critical issues in our world at large, as well as in our personal world in particular. A former professional photographer, she is also very creative in her business as a coach. The fact that I finally have an art blog is partly due to her influence.

To see more of what Vicky does and has to offer, click on this link . You will find your creative soul very much inspired by Vicky's coaching.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Gentler Burst of Energy

To offset the exuberance of "Chakra Shower," here's "Chakra Dance," my onetime attempt to copy my own work.

See, it just goes to show you that every painting is its own little snowflake of a personality!

I noticed that certain personalities prefer the one or the other.

Can you guess what trait might be making the difference? Go ahead and leave a comment on my blog if you feel so inspired!

So far, it's just a casual observation I've been making--no scientifically sound, statistically proven experiment in place!

"Chakra Shower" and "Chakra Dance" are both Copyrighted 2008 by Sheryl Brown, All Rights Reserved.