Monday, August 25, 2008

One Drawing left in August!

If you had intended to post a comment anywhere on my blog or on my FaceBook "Virtual Art Gallery" before the drawing on Sunday, you still have time! The third and final drawing will take place August 31st. As the winner, you will receive your choice of an 8" by 10" reproduction of one of the ten.

All you need to do to enter is scroll down to the series of 10 paintings I have posted here. You may need to click on "older posts" to find them. Choose one or more that grab your attention. Then click on the link where it says, "0 Comments" (or some other number of comments). You will be given a text box in which to write your opinion. I can't wait to read a note from you telling me which one is your favorite!

Another even more fun way to participate, is to join my art group on FaceBook at . You can find my Virtual Art Gallery on my profile under photo albums, or on the art group page itself. There are already many interesting comments there that you will enjoy reading.

If you have never created an account on FaceBook, now is a good time to do so! It is quite easy and straightforward for you to sign up. Being on FaceBook is very rewarding for me in so many ways.

I have had an amazing experience meeting new friends, from my artist friend in Norway to my organizing friend in South Africa! When you join, please remember to look me up and be my friend!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't forget to enter our second drawing before Sunday!

Just a reminder, tomorrow I'll draw a name "from the hat" of all the people who've commented on any of the paintings in my "Virtual Art Gallery," either on my art blog here, or on my FaceBook profile.

The cool thing about commenting directly on FB is that it's fun to read all the comments related to one painting in a single batch. You can see who has the same opinion as you, or not!

People are so creative and poetic in how they describe my paintings - it really does my heart good!

I thought I'd go ahead and include in this post the painting chosen by our 1st week's winner - (Col) Colleen McGunnigle - which is called, "Power over the Land."

Col is an amazingly talented artist and graphic designer, and you can find out more about her and her work at this link. , as well as at her blog .

The 8" by 10" reproduction she won, "Power over the Land," should make its way into her mailbox very soon, and then I'll be able to heave a sigh of relief that it's in her hands!

Please do join FaceBook if you haven't already - it is too much fun, and really helps grow your business!

And then drop by my art group and see if you want to join - no obligations - just makes it easier for you to keep current on the art I'm continually adding to my Virtual Art Gallery - and these are also available for purchase!!

Click here to take a peak at my FaceBook art group !

Monday, August 18, 2008

We have a winner! Colleen McGunnigle of NY!

This is so exciting! We have a winner for the first ever drawing for sherylbrownart!

It is Colleen (Col) McGunnigle of New York! Please stop on over at her blog to congratulate her!

Col and I have swapped a couple comments on each other's blogs, and have both enjoyed being in Susan's Schanerman's group on FaceBook ( ). All she did to enter her name in the drawing was to comment on one of my paintings.

And that is exactly how you can enter to be in the next drawing coming up Sunday, August 24th! You can comment on one of the blog posts here saying which is your favorite (and why), or you can comment anywhere you see my paintings on FaceBook - easy!

I came up with this drawing to promote my art group on FaceBook (join by clicking here if you have a FB account or want one), and a three week event I created called a Virtual ART Party. You can see details of that in previous posts.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Enter to win a drawing! This is really easy!!

I got a brainwave (one of many??) to add a drawing to this party. People are catching onto this and really loving it!

Okay, a drawing as in win something, not an art drawing (but it is an art drawing!) (so much potential for double entendre, so little time!!).

Maybe you've already heard of my Virtual ART Party, an event put on by the art group I started on FaceBook - you will find it right here .

(It's so much fun to see this group grow! And it's open to everyone on FB.)

If you already have a FaceBook account, this should take you straight to the group page.

If not, you should get the opportunity to create a FaceBook account when you click on that link. Use your real name, and keep it simple to start. (If you have any hitches, feel free to call or write me.)

There are no obligations when you join my art group on FaceBook, and you can leave at any time.

I have posted the 10 available paintings on the art group page and the event page (as well as earlier on this blog). You will also find them in one of the photo albums on my FBprofile page.

The shortcut to my FaceBook profile is .

Full link .

The cool thing about this party is that you don't have to go anywhere to attend (except to your computer, but then agan, if you called me on the phone, I'd probably accept that)!

Just make a comment on one or more of the paintings (you gotta be honest, though, no false flattery needed or wanted!) to show you were there!

And preferably - say which ones are your favorites - yes, Virginia (I mean Melinda DH, you know who you are!) - you can have more than one - just show your order of preference if you hope to win. (Ah, win, yes, got ahead of myself by writing the end first!)

If you are the winner, you will receive your choice of print reproduced on 8" by 10" fine art paper. This is a $45 value. Your choices are numbered 1 through 10, each with a memorable title.

1 - "Cloud Dance"
2 - "Chaos - in Color!"
3 - "Serenity Rising"
4 - "Calm in the Storm"
5 - "The Georgia Eye"
6 - "Tears of God"
7 - "Chakra Shower"
8 - "Power over the Land"
9 - "Peaceful Mountain"
10 - "Love in Motion"

The Virtual ART Party started a week ago, and continues to the end of August.

The first drawing takes place in less than 24 hours, but don't fret if you miss this one - there will be two more!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gallery of Available Painting Repro's - Virtual ART Party/Summer Sale!

"Cloud Dance"

"Chaos - In Color!"

Introducing the ten painting reproductions available in the "Not Yet the End of Summer Sale!" as found on Sheryl Brown's FaceBook Art Group.

If you have a FaceBook account, you can go to and join my art group.

Then look for "Events" on that page and click on "Virtual ART Party."

(Imagine a three week event where you don't even need to show up in person - hence the name "Virtual ART Party!" There won't be any candles, vitamins, or plastic containers sold at this party!!)

If you don't have a FaceBook account, you can create one quickly - just remember to use your real name. Then add me as a friend.

You will then get the one third off Summer Sale!

And if you refer 3 customers to me, I'll give you half off your total order. (Sales tax and Shipping & Handling will apply.)

Just call or email and tell me their names, or have them tell me yours - I will be sure to take 50% off your order.

Gallery of Available Painting Repro's (cont'd)

#3 "Serenity Rising"

#4 "Calm in the Storm"

Gallery of Available Painting Repro's (cont'd)

#5 "The Georgia Eye"

#6 "Tears of God"

Gallery of Available Painting Repro's (cont'd)

"Chakra Shower"

"Power over the Land"

Gallery of Available Painting Repro's (cont'd)

"Peaceful Mountain"

"Love in Motion"