Sunday, May 23, 2010

Order Fine Art Giclee's in bulk for your early sign-up's

Notice here, the first of "Rainbow Splash Evolving" - you'll see the next one in a few days.

We're humming along now in getting plans under way for a high tech WordPress blog for . I see creating galleries of my paintings to be put up so it will be easier for you to see what is available. And we'll have a sign up box for a "Free Taste" and Updates when new art becomes available.

There will be options for you to propose your own ideas for pictures to be commissioned, or at least to put a bug in my ear about the color combo's you'd love, and examples of the style of painting you'd like. I won't guarantee to be able to read your mind, but I'm sure something interesting will come of it. If it's not exactly to your liking, you are under no obligation to buy it. It will all be part of the Great Adventure - or shall I say the Great Experiment!?

And for coaches and speakers, I will be creating a sales page where you can see how to order these Fine Art Giclee reproductions in bulk (to save you money) to use as bonuses for your early deciders in programs you are offering. You'd be surprised how many people are drooling over Sheryl Brown Art, and can't wait to have one of their own to hang on their office wall to inspire their writing or other creativity.

There's also a healing effect for many people. These are not just some cool works of art - they are each unique expressions of emotion, color and movement. See which ones move you the most. And don't forget, I absolutely LOVE feedback.

Call me at 425 652-1413
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