Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peaks and Valleys

Here is one of my recent paintings, "Peaks and Valleys," which was inspired by reading some of the life story of my new Facebook friend, Debra Oakland. Though she has lost a number of close family members, she explains how she has chosen to be happy and not remain stuck in grief and the pain of loss.

Interestingly enough, when I started out this painting, I enthusiastically loaded up the canvas with rather too much paint (some of which I transferred to another canvas - to be posted later). I had in mind some colors from looking at photos of a joyful occasion. In the process of working on this painting, however, the phrase - "oh, the jagged pain" - (or something close to that) went through my mind. This painting then became about my perception of Debra's experience.

Our lives here on earth really are characterized by both jubilant and sorrowful times - and everything in between. And sometimes, it really ain't pretty. I had the feeling that I muddied up the warm colors as I was mixing them, and pondered whether to "clean" them up some by adding another layer. In the end, I decided to leave it as it is. Life isn't perfect, but we still love it.

Looking forward to reading your comments and feedback on this new painting.
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vickysplace1 said...

I feel like this lately. After having surgery in June, the pain still prevails. Then, the cold came and I felt like a penguin who was laying on ice. Then, my leg and lower back had pain, ouch every time I walk. Then I was diagnosed with Diabetes-Gee Whiz my body needs rejuvenation. I do not want to be the Grinch, although I feel green- I have a positive happening to look forward to- Christmas! My son, my daughter, and my 2 grand-babies are coming home for the holidays!!!

Lordy, Lordy I am over 50-help my body heal!

Great picture to stir your thoughts! BEST WISHES VICKY

SunraySheryl said...

Thank you, Vicky! I can relate to over 50, especially waking pains! That's why it's so easy and tempting to stay up when I'm not aching.

Two grand babies, too cool! I have one and she's "not a baby, I'm 3 years old."

You can find her on my sunraysheryl blog, and soon on my Fb profile photo albums.

Kristine said...

Peaks and Valleys - jagged and the juxtaposition!
Pain, learning, and movement.


SunraySheryl said...

Thanks, Kristine, how very eloquently you have summarized this!

Conscious Living Gurl said...

Dear Vicky. It is now 2017 & you posted this 2008. I pray your body has healed and you are having the best year of your life this start of 2017. Love n blessings to you.
From a friend u have not met. Lauren from New Zealand.